Trial Winds Down in School Kidnapping Case

Defendant won't testify in her own defense.

The trial is nearing an end in the case of the woman accused of dressing in Muslim garb and kidnapping a girl from a Philadelphia school last year.

6ABC says the defendant, 21-year-old Christina Regusters, will not testify. The defense has rested in the case.

The girl described how a veiled woman named Rashida had walked her from school to a house and then carried her inside in a laundry bag. The girl said she was then blindfolded and assaulted by an unidentified “bad man.” A teenager named China then “rescued” her, carrying her outside at 4 a.m. and leaving her on a cold playground, the girl said.

Prosecutors believe Regusters played all three roles and committed the crimes alone.

NBC 10 and AP add:

Regusters might not have taken the stand but best friend Ivy Davis and another friend Chale Reid did testify. Davis said Regusters is law-abiding and peaceful while Reid said that she and Regusters spoke over the phone on the night that the girl was missing — a conversation Reid called tearful.

So far the trial has lasted 12 days.