Mom Testifies About Abduction of Daughter From Philly School

"She just kept saying that she was in pain, that she hurt."

The mother of a girl kidnapped from a Philadelphia school in 2013 testified today in the trial of the woman accused of committing the crime.

Christina Regusters, 21, is accused of dressing up in Muslim attire to disguise her appearance, signing the girl out of class before the end of the school day at Bryant Elementary School, then sexually assaulting the girl overnight. The girl was found next day, abandoned on a wintertime playground wearing nothing but a shirt.

AP reports on the mother’s testimony:

The girl’s mother said that she learned only at 3 p.m. that her daughter had left school – about six hours after the girl left with a female stranger.

The mother says her daughter was in pain and appeared drugged when she was found the next morning.

“She didn’t do a lot of talking. She just kept saying that she was in pain, that she hurt,” the mother testified.

The child later needed surgery to repair her injuries.

Regusters’ attorneys say police have the wrong suspect. The girl’s family has filed suit against the school district for failing to ensure the girl was signed out from school by an actual caretaker.