Corbett Told of Racy Emails During Investigation

It was after he left the attorney general's office.

We occasionally miss the fine journalism done in Western Pennsylvania, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t take note of this Sunday report from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

A special deputy hired by the Attorney General’s Office made Gov. Tom Corbett aware of emails shared among his former staffers that “may have been inappropriate,” Corbett’s campaign manager said on Saturday.

Corbett had said that he had no knowledge of the emails reputed to contain sexually explicit images, shared by staffers when he was attorney general, and that special deputy Geoffrey Moulton did not discuss them with him.

“To clarify, the governor did not have any discussions with Mr. Moulton during the official interview regarding this matter,” Barley said in a statement. “After that interview concluded, Mr. Moulton told the governor that emails were uncovered during the investigation that may have been inappropriate.”

In short: It doesn’t appear Corbett knew about the racy emails going around his office at the time they were going around — and only found out about them as a result of Kathleen Kane’s investigation of his handling of the Sandusky affair.