The Pope Himself Says He’ll Come to Philly

But the Vatican ... hasn't confirmed.



Apparently we’ve been teased too often. Because now Pope Francis himself is indicating he’ll come to the World Meeting of Families next year in Philadelphia — and we’re still not sure if that counts as an official confirmation.

Here’s what NBC 10 reports today:

NBC News correspondent Anne Thompson told the Today Show Thursday that she spoke to Pope Francis during his recent flight to South Korea.

Thompson said she asked His Holiness in Italian if he would be attending the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia next year.

“He said ‘yes,’ and he mentioned World Family Day,” said Thompson.

But NBC 10 also admits there’s been no official confirmation from the Vatican. So is this an elaborate tease? Probably not. Tradition says the pope is comng for the meeting. But it’ll probably be a guessing game until it isn’t.