The Paywall Gets a Little Lower at the Inky Website

You won't have to pay to read every story.

The hard and high paywall is dead. Long live the somewhat lowered paywall.

More than a year after the Inquirer and Daily News unveiled their new websites — hidden behind “hard” paywalls that required a paid subscription (or, more often, an access code) to read — the paywalls are softening a bit. Starting today, readers who go to via links on Facebook or Twitter will get to read the story for free. had continued to carry almost all of the stories from those two newspapers on its free site. The result? People noticed. And both newspaper newsrooms complained that their efforts were being usurped by the in-house competitor at

That won’t be as much a problem now.

As of this morning, links from the Inquirer’s Twitter and Facebook sites were taking readers directly to articles without requiring payment. The Daily News was expected to do the same, but as of this morning, its links were taking readers to the free versions of its stories.