Mayor Nutter’s 5 Best Reasons for Philly to Host the DNC

As told to the New York Daily News.

Photo | Jeff Fusco

The best place for a convention, amirite? | Jeff Fusco

Mayor Nutter has given a big “exclusive” interview to the Daily News about why Philly should be home to the Democratic National Convention in 2016.

No, not our Daily News. The other big one. In New York.

It’s so expansive, in fact, that instead of trying to sum up, we’ll give you the mayor’s Top 5 New York Daily News quotes about why Philly should get to host the DNC.

HISTORY“Philadelphia is the birthplace of freedom and liberty for the United States of America.”

AMERICA: “There is only one city in this country where the Declaration of Independence was created. There is only one Liberty Bell. It’s in Philadelphia. Those are just facts.”

WE’RE NICE: “Philly is a big town, [BUT] with a warmth.”

SEPTA“The ease of getting around [I] think does in fact set Philadelphia apart … [AS] opposed to New York City in general or Brooklyn in particular.”

• NUTTER’S EXPERIENCE COMPARED TO ROOKIE NYC MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO:  “We have a well-experienced team that’s been together in our city government for, in some instances, six years. We know how to handle these events.”

(On the experience count, probably nobody should tell the New Yorkers that Nutter’s term ends after next year, and that Philly will have a rookie mayor of its own to greet the DNC.)

Oh, and we have a “wealth of hotel rooms.”

Still: Nice to see the mayor proclaim Philly’s virtues so confidently! But we’ll see how it plays: The DNC site selection committee visits both cities next week.