SEPTA Extends Overnight Weekend Subway Service to November 2nd

The pilot program for 24-hour weekend service on the Market-Frankford Line and Broad Street Subway will continue well into the fall.

SEPTA said today it is extending its pilot program for 24-hour weekend Market-Frankford Line and Broad Street Subway service to November 2nd. The pilot program of all-night SEPTA service on Friday and Saturday nights began on June 15th, and was originally supposed to run until Labor Day weekend.

“As we move into the fall, we hope to welcome new customers who haven’t yet had a chance to use this service,” SEPTA General Manager Joseph M. Casey said in a statement. That’s right: If you’ve been down the shore all summer and were worried about missing the chance to ride the El at 4 a.m., you don’t have to come back early to do so!

Nite Owl buses continue to provide service on weekdays. If you haven’t ridden the late-night trains: You pay the driver, there are always a couple of transit cops riding along with you, and it’s generally a faster and more pleasant experience than the bus. (Because it’s a train! Everybody loves trains.)

According to SEPTA, ridership is up 50 percent during overnights this summer. Casey says he hopes increased ridership will allow SEPTA to pay for some of the late-night trains.