Flyers Goalie Steve Mason Keeps Posting Shirtless Selfies with His Dog

You usually only see Flyers goalie Steve Mason on the ice, wearing pads. On his Instagram, though, he's sans shirt — but plus one cute pup.

Two days ago, Flyers goalie Steve Mason posted this to his Instagram.

Cute doggy! Also… it’s a shirtless selfie with his dog. Let me go on the record as pro-selfie — and even pro-shirtless selfie! I myself have finagled a way to post two shirtless photos of myself on this very website, so it would be hypocritical of me to come out against it. Plus, shirtless pro athletes are way more exciting to look at shirtless than I am. Post as many shirtless selfies as you want, Steve Mason!

Well, guess what: He has!

Here he is four months ago:

And, yes, 11 months ago:

Three makes this an official trend: Steve Mason likes to post shirtless selfies while in bed with his dog. (To note: Steve Mason’s dog, who is apparently named George Mason, also has its own Instagram.) Perhaps Mason (the human) is angling to star in some Internet Flyers fan fiction.

Of course, the best photo on Mason’s Instagram feed is just the dog.

Aww! Aww! I don’t have anything to add, except Steve Mason needs to get a phone with a higher-quality front camera if he’s going to keep taking selfies.