Every Single Taxi in Philly Could Get a Surveillance Camera

Part of crackdown on violence against drivers.


Philadelphia Weekly reports that the PPA wants to respond to a wave of violence against taxi drivers by installing a surveillance camera in every single cab in town.

If people know they’re being monitored, the logic goes, they’ll be less likely to use violence against drivers. Because right now, given the tens of thousands of private and public cameras all over the city, inside a cab is one of the increasingly rare places you can go in Philadelphia where you’re not on film.

Similar camera systems have been installed in cabs in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle. While some initial blowback over privacy concerns is likely, it’s worth noting that in Seattle, crimes against drivers actually dropped by 23 percent after all cabs were required to get cameras.

 The PPA must get approval from the state’s Independent Regulatory Review Commission before proceeding.

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