Charles Barkley Co-Hosts Fox 29 Sports Broadcast, Talks Wrestling For Some Reason

Former Sixers star Charles Barkley appeared on Fox 29's Sports Sunday. And he somehow ended up talking about Daniel Bryan.

Last night, Charles Barkley co-hosted Fox 29’s Sports Sunday with Howard Eskin. It was pretty entertaining. Barkley is almost as good at making fun of and needling Howard Eskin as Howard’s son Spike is. And since he’s actually a basketball analyst and not a general sportscaster, he’s allowed to admit he’s completely ignorant of soccer and was flipping back and forth between the World Cup Final and golf. He also did this, to needle Howard on his height:

But the best part was the opening, where Charles suddenly starts talking about former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan when the highlight package was clearly setting up for a comparison to Jayson Werth.

Hopefully Charles Barkley will come back to local TV soon, maybe doing the weather or doing guest spots on FYI Philly.