Did Councilman Nutter Ask for Ticket to Be Fixed?

Allegation comes up at trial.

Mayor Nutter doesn’t always get props, but one thing that still brings him praise — and helped him win office in the first place — is voters’ sense that the man is ethically upright.

So, will Tuesday testimony that he once — as a councilman — tried to get a ticket “fixed” at Traffic Court end up damaging his reputation?

The Daily News reports that the testimony came regarding alleged corruption at the city’s now-defunct Traffic Court:

During cross-examination by defense attorney Louis Busico, Christopher Waters was pressed to name politicians who had requested favorable treatment on tickets for people they knew.

“I believe Councilman Nutter at the time,” Waters said. “He’s now Mayor Nutter.”

“So his office reached out to you, right? Did you say no to the then-future mayor of our fine city?” Busico asked.

He provided no other details. A mayoral spokesman said Nutter was out of town, and couldn’t relay his side of the story.