Philly VA Hospitals May Have ‘Incorrect Bookkeeping’

This is actually good news.

Finally, some decent news out of the burgeoning VA hospital scandal: Philadelphia’s VA hospitals may not have falsified documents. Hooray, I guess?

Administrators at two hospital under investigation, the VA Medical Center at 38th and Woodland in West Philadelphia and the Victor J. Saracini clinic in Horsham, say their staffs have not fudged appointment data to hide long delays for appointments. Rep. Patrick Meehan (R-7th District) says “incorrect bookkeeping” is to blame for the two hospitals being under investigation.

Four hundred Philadelphians waited at least 90 days for their first appointment at a VA clinic. Another 328 never got an appointment at all. But nationwide the number is around 57,400, and the Inquirer reports most Philly patients are actually kind of satisfied with their care.

“Despite some pretty pointed efforts to try to tell them to tell me anything I should be hearing, for the most part, the report we’re hearing is that care is good and timely,” Meehan tells the paper.