Project Runway Winner Will Stay in Philly

Dom Streater won't flee to NYC to start career.

Philadelphia Business Journal reports Project Runway winner Dom Streater will stay in Philadelphia to jump-start her new career, rather than flee to New York or L.A. to begin fashion design in those hubs:

It was a really big decision for me to not move to New York right after my win from Project Runway. Philly is a very opportunistic city. We really embrace young artists and young entrepreneurs, and that’s something that I wanted to be a part of. I didn’t really want to go to New York and just be lost in the chaos. I wanted to be in a place where people actually do celebrate newness and innovative-ness. I’m glad that I chose to stay in Philly because I’ve experienced nothing but that.

She said much the same thing to Philly Mag in October. We love it when homeowners bring their success home to Philly.