Here Is the FBI Document Johnny Doc Hoped You’d Never See

This affidavit requesting a warrant to search the union leader’s house was unsealed recently.

Recently, Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge Lisa Rau threw out a 2009 libel case filed by union leader John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty against the Philadelphia Inquirer and some of its employees over a series of 2008 articles critical of Dougherty.

But Rau also unsealed an important document filed in the case: a 2006 affidavit sworn out by FBI Special Agent Kathleen O’Hanlon in support of a search warrant of Dougherty’s home on Moyamensing Avenue in South Philadelphia. In the affidavit, O’Hanlon stated that she had probable cause to believe that Dougherty violated federal criminal laws. Dougherty has never been charged with a crime.

Among the allegations:

  • Dougherty received upward of $300,000 in free renovations to his South Philadelphia home, including $115,000 from a contractor who pleaded guilty to 99 criminal charges, including doing free work for Dougherty.
  • Dougherty filed false income tax returns and “significantly” underreported his income.
  • Dougherty made “significant” withdrawals from election fund monies without documentation.
  • Dougherty purchased a Wildwood condominium at far below fair market value, resulting in an illegal gift.

Below, a copy of O’Hanlon’s complete affidavit, which was submitted to the court as an exhibit in support of the newspapers’ motion for a summary judgment in the libel case.