Apparently the Main Line Is One Giant Episode of Weeds

Doctor, daughter arrested for growing and selling pot.

You know, they say people move to the suburbs to get away from drugs and crime, the young men running around with guns and cash trying to become underworld kingpins. Counter-theory: The ’burbs are the best place to get away with that stuff.

Until they aren’t.

Exhibit B in this week’s Main Line Drug Escapades, as reported by the Inquirer:

A Main Line eye doctor suspected of growing and selling marijuana was arrested on drug charges Wednesday along with his daughter, police said.

An anonymous tip led to the serving of a search warrant at the home of Paul Ezell, in the 200 block of Sagamore Road in Haverford Township, Det. Sgt. Shant Bedrossian, of the Haverford police.

Apparently, not all the nugs are coming from the alleged Main Line Take Over crew. (They’re Exhibit A)

And our Hollywood screenplay just keeps getting better. What if the Main Line Take Over kids ended up in a drug war with Doctor Sticky-Icky-Icky? Who would lose? Who would win? Rachel Mersky, your office is calling!

All we know is that we’re getting to be afraid of the Main Line. We’ll stick to the city for peace, quiet, and some law-abiding neighbors.