Man Goes on Broad Street Subway Tracks to Retrieve Orange

Two men went onto the tracks yesterday, on the El and the Broad Street Subway. Fortunately, neither was hurt.

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

CBS 3’s Todd Quinones had a wild report last night: Two different passengers ended up on the subway tracks yesterday.

SEPTA (and by extension CBS 3, and also me) would like to warn you to not go on the subway tracks. The “third rail” near the edge of the platform is electrified and could kill you. Also, since this is perhaps not obvious, a train could also hit you and kill you. It’s not worth it!

The first man to head onto the tracks on Wednesday fell onto the tracks at the 34th Street Station, which means we can go ahead and assume he’s a Penn or Drexel student. He was checking his cell phone and just went right onto them.

The train operator noticed the man who fell into the tracks while looking at his cell phone and stopped the El. Give that man a raise, or maybe a new contract.

Meanwhile, on the Broad Street Line at the Ellsworth-Federal stop, a man went on the subway tracks to retrieve an orange.

Neither rider was hurt.

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