Breaking: Philadelphians Kind of Snotty About Camden

It's a real big problem on Facebook.

Newsworks reports that Philadelphians would rather people would not think they’re from Camden. You know. Over there.

When Temple University alumna Helen Heath Mosher comes back to visit Philly, she said she encounters the oddity: Facebook identifies her posts as being “near Camden.”

“I’m just kind of mind-boggled that Facebook can’t tell the difference between Camden and Philadelphia,” she said. “That they can’t figure out which side of the river I’m on just bothers me.”

State Rep. Brian Sims, a Philadelphia Democrat, mentioned the issue on a recent visit to Facebook headquarters. “It was something that they have clearly heard about. And, in truth, it’s actually not a Facebook issue per se. It’s an issue of satellites and geo-location,” Sims said, “but it is something they are working to correct.”

Phew! We wouldn’t want to be associated with Camden any more than is necessary, right? Right.