State Bill Would Prohibit SEPTA Strike

Even as possibility of walkout looms larger.

CBS Philly reports that State Rep. Kate Harper, a Montgomery County Republican, has introduced a bill that would prohibit a SEPTA strike,  workers from walking off the job. “Well, there’s certain critical workers that we don’t allow to strike. I mean, among them would be police officers,” she said. “And I believe that SEPTA is essential to the functioning of the southeastern Pennsylvania region.”

The Inquirer, meanwhile, points out that the expired contract of Regional Rail engineers offers the possibility that all of SEPTA could be shut down by a strike, for the first time in its 50-year history. “With everyone out, that’s sort of like the nuclear option,” said Neil A. Morris, a labor-relations lawyer who represents management, primarily in suburban Pennsylvania municipalities. “But that could get the public on management’s side and get legislators to move.”

SEPTA and TWU234 haven’t met since March 13. No future talks are planned.