Phillies Ticket Sales Are Slumping

But still at the top of baseball.

The Inquirer reports that Phillies fans apparently aren’t in the mood to watch an aging lineup try to reclaim old glories:

For the second season running, the Phils are heading toward opening day at home (April 7 against the Milwaukee Brewers) with seats still to fill. And the team – although still a league leader – is looking at a significant drop in season-ticket sales, as well.

“Our sales numbers are down,” said John Weber, the Phillies’ vice president of sales and ticket operations. “Last year, we had about 24,000 season-ticket holders. We are going to have between 18 [thousand] and 19,000 this year, which still ranks us in the top of baseball. It is a very solid number, but not where we have been.”

Here’s the secret to selling more tickets, guys: Win more World Series! It works like a charm, promise.