Penn Student Government Feuds over Money, “French Macaroons”

A Penn Undergraduate Assembly budget amendment discussion lasts past midnight.

shutterstock_french-macarons-400x400Much like they may go on to do later in life, Penn kids are feuding over money.

Today’s Daily Pennsylvanian brings an incredible report on Sunday night’s meeting of the Undergraduate Assembly. Debate over one amendment lasted past midnight!

I get how these things happen. I worked for the Daily Pennsylvanian in college, and many of the editors and writers there, myself included, took editorial and other decisions with a level of seriousness more fit for discussing how to publish a shocking expose of the president. The people who invest a lot of time in college activities invest a lot of time into college activities; one of the reasons they treat it so seriously is that it’s a way to validate that use of your time. Also, in this and my case, because Penn kids.

The DP article notes this Undergraduate Assembly budget meeting had already been postponed so there could be a private meeting to “rehab internal UA culture.” (Okay, at least these people are even bigger dorks than I ever was.) A UA rep introduced a budget amendment to transfer $10,000 from one party to another. It was unexpected, because it was last minute. Then, stuff happened:

Despite some confusion as to what Carnival actually entails, opponents of the amendment asserted that the Carnival budget should not be reallocated because of its importance to student safety. The event’s free food is integral in helping intoxicated students sober up, said several UA members.

Other members, however, argued that Carnival features unnecessarily “high quality” food options, such as French macaroons, that deplete valuable budget allocations.

“When they buy French macaroons — which are not inexpensive in the least — I think there are options that are cheaper and that can sober people up just as effectively,” junior Class Board Vice President of Finances and Wharton junior Patrick del Valle, who is also the Lowbrow editor of 34th Street Magazine, said.

Hopefully del Valle is planning an expose on macaroon prices in the next issue of Street. Later, the debate was resolved after several students said, “I’m tired — let’s end this,” and money was transferred from a different budget to one of the parties.

Man, doesn’t going to Penn sound exciting? I can assure you it was the same when I was there.

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