Fattah Says He’ll Fight Federal Subpoena

Is he a target of investigation? "No, no, no, and no."

The Inquirer reports that Congressman Chaka Fattah has told Congress that some of his documents have been subpoenaed by federal authorities. He declined to specify the nature of the documents, and said he was trying to quash the subpoena. He said several members of the House Appropriations Committee are under examination; it is known that federal authorities have long examined his “inner circle”—including son, Chip—in investigations going back at least to 2012.

Asked to comment Wednesday night, Fattah said he believed federal investigators were mishandling the matter.

“I think . . . there are improprieties, or what I perceive to be improprieties, in the conduct of it that could even stretch to illegalities,” he said, declining to elaborate. He added, “I’m going to seek appropriate review of it.”

Asked whether he had been notified he was the target of an investigation, Fattah paused until his chief of staff interjected, “No.”

“No,” Fattah agreed. “Let’s try that again – no, no, no, and no.