No Trash Pickup Today; Garbage Piling Up

And impatience is piling up, too.

Fair to say that all the snow has put a hamper on the city’s garbage collection efforts. It’s not going over well:

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 5.33.12 AM


CBS Philly reports:

Due to the forecast snow accumulations, the Philadelphia Streets Department has announced Tuesday trash and recycling collections have been suspended.

The Streets Department says they will deploy 230 pieces of equipment overnight to treat the streets and sanitation trucks will be outfitted with plows to help with snow operations.

Residents with Tuesday as their collection day must set out their materials next Tuesday, Feb. 25.

NBC 10 adds:

This winter’s historic string of snowstorms has seriously disrupted Philadelphia’s trash collection efforts. It’s gotten so bad that some people have three weeks worth of garbage piled up.

East Mt. Airy resident Joanna Footman is one of them. She’s got 10 snow-covered trash bags clogging up a back balcony and her alley and she wants them gone now.

“It’s becoming a nuisance because where are we supposed to keep our trash at?” said Footman inside her Michener Avenue row home.

“Especially with a 20-month-old whose not potty-trained, and you have to throw away [those] bags,” she said. “That’s the smelliest thing you ever want to smell so that has to get outside of the house.”