Oh Brother: George Zimmerman Fight Not Actually Canceled, Says Damon Feldman

Forget odds on the winner. Who wants to bet on whether this fight will ever actually happen?

UPDATE: According to British billionaire Alki David, the George Zimmerman fight will happen. Click here to read what happened at the fight press conference on Tuesday outside of Philadelphia.

ORIGINALwe heard over the weekend that Philadelphia Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman (left) had canceled the George Zimmerman vs. DMX boxing match, we had our doubts. And sure enough, on Monday morning, Feldman told us that he still hadn’t reached a final decision. “It all comes down to a meeting I have at noon today,” says Feldman, who declined to say who else would be attending that meeting.

On Saturday, after a week of growing opposition to the March 15th fight, Feldman tweeted that he had decided to pull the plug:

And the 300,000-member strong “Cancel the George Zimmerman ‘Celebrity’ Boxing Match” Facebook page let out a cheer.

But then Feldman deleted his tweets regarding the cancelation. On Monday morning, TheSource.com quoted Feldman as saying that he made the decision to cancel during an “emotional” moment:

I sent those tweets because I went through an emotional situation, I looked at my kids and I got emotional. I didn’t sleep for three days because I’m trying to figure out how this thing happened. As of right now, the fight is not canceled… Right now we’re in meetings as we talk. It all happened so fast; it became a worldwide story. I honestly didn’t know it would go as far as the White House and me being threatened. Zimmerman still wants to fight…

Feldman tells Philadelphia magazine that controversial British billionaire Alki David, who has partnered with Feldman to livestream the fight on a pay-per-view basis on the Internet, wants to move forward with the event. And why wouldn’t he? The  Zimmerman fight may indeed be many horrible things — but it could be very good business.

A Timeline of the George Zimmerman Boxing Match

February 5th: Damon Feldman apologizes for announcing the George Zimmerman vs. DMX boxing match on the eve of Trayvon Martin’s birthday. Meanwhile, the White House petition to stop the fight stood at just 4,000 signatures.

February 7th: Damon Feldman announces that he has canceled the George Zimmerman fight press conference, then scheduled for Wednesday, February 12th. Then Feldman clarifies that the press conference is still on but that George Zimmerman won’t be at it.

February 8th: Feldman tells us that he’s partnered with billionaire Alki David to broadcast the George Zimmerman fight. Later that day, Feldman tweets that the fight is canceled but then deletes those tweets.

February 10th: Feldman says the fight is not canceled. Our poll asking whether the fight should be canceled stands at 91% voting yes. The anti-fight Facebook page has over 320,000 likes. The White House petition is up to 28,000 signatures. The Change.org petition has over 100,000 signatures.

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