A Hilarious and Ridiculously Accurate Map of Philadelphia

We've been waiting for something like this.

Remember the illustrated map Vogue tried to make about Philadelphia? You know, the one that got every single detail horribly wrong? Anyways, here’s one that gets the city completely right. (Click to enlarge.)

What we like especially: “Giant USB,” “Well Kept Park,” “Soviet Style Living.” The map was created by a trio of Californian guys over at Urbane, who have also made sweet city maps for Boston, D.C., Manhattan, and other prominent cities that are traditionally considered before Philadelphia. But no harm, no foul, because they didn’t screw this one up. They got to know the city by a. visiting and b. getting lots of input from native Philadelphians. Buy a t-shirt/mug/print here.

Serious question, though: Acceptable to call the Rittenhouse/Fitler nexus FITRIT?