Snow Days Are Squeezing the School Schedule

Area districts can't afford much more time off.

CBS Philly reports that area school districts can’t afford too many more snow days, or they’ll have to extend the school year:

For the Spring-Ford Area School District, today was snow day number 5. The district already had three extra days built into the schedule at the end of the year, but now students will be going to school on February 14th (which was an in-service day for teachers) and February 17th, which is President’s Day.

But what happens if there is still more snow?

“We have April 16th, 17th, and 21st identified as emergency makeup days, so we have three more,” says schools superintendent Dr. David Goodin.  “But once we get to those three more, then we’ll have to tack (additional days) onto the end of the school year.”

That would be in mid to late June, when it’s hot.

You’ve had your fun kids! Any more, and you’ll end up losing summer vacation.