Snow Emergency Declared, Schools Closed Tomorrow, Trash Delayed

And more from Michael Nutter's snow storm presser.


Also, Michael Nutter gave a press conference this afternoon, announcing a snow emergency in Philadelphia. Parking-wise, what that means is that the PPA is offering a 24-hour flat rate of $5.00 in Center City garages. Also, it means cars must be removed from emergency routes, which can be viewed here. Because of MLK Day, trash collection was postponed by one day this week. So if you’re a regular Tuesday morning trash person, hold it (and your noses) until next week.

We will be offering a $5 Snow Rate Special per each 24-hour period starting on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 through the end of the Snow Emergency, at the following parking facilities:

@ Olde City (2nd & Sansom Sts.)

@ Independence Mall (5th & Market Sts.)

@ 8th & Filbert Street

@ Gallery (10th & Filbert Sts.)

@ Jefferson (10th & Ludlow Sts.)

@ JFK Plaza (15th & Arch Sts.)

Wearing a red parka and standing in the snow, Nutter also relayed the National Weather Service’s estimate of 18 (!) inches at PHL, and gave this simple advice: “The best thing I can suggest, is stay home.” He added: “Call Grandma, see how she’s doing, out in California.” And “Call somebody you don’t even like…for the new year.” Jokes!