The Worst Polar Vortex-Related Cartoon Of the Day

Record-setting bad humor.

Thank you PennLive, for printing the below cartoon, underneath the caption: “Good News, We’ve Found Something Colder Than the Polar Vortex.” Thank you, because this gives me hope that I too could someday be a syndicated editorial cartoonist published at


I’m not saying this cartoon is terrible because I am a fan of Rush Limbaugh. I’m saying it’s terrible because a. There is too much cognitive dissonance required to imagine a weather-guy making that sort of political statement; b. Maybe if there were a huge Rush Limbaugh scandal, OK, it might make some sense to bring him into the conversation. But to make a generic point about heartless conservatives in a weather joke? Befuddling; c. For reasons I don’t need to explain, there’s no way a sentient human being could possibly laugh at this cartoon.

See the full, original cartoon over at the Chattanooga Times Free Press.