Philly 109th on “Best-Performing Cities” Report

We lost to Pittsburgh and...York?

The Milken Institute has released its annual list of ‘best performing cities.’ Here’s how they came up with the ranking, per Richard Florida of the Atlantic Cities.

An “outcomes-based” ranking, the report takes into account both short and long-term growth in job numbers, wages and salary, and the concentration and size of high-tech industries — an increasingly important part of success in today’s knowledge-driven economy.

So, to be clear, this is largely job growth and about tech growth and little else–which is why Texas does so well in this ranking. Still, it’s a bitter cup of coffee that Philly finishes 109th, just behind York-Hanover and just ahead of Columbus, GA. The good news? Philly is 50th in concentration of high-tech industries, if not in high-tech growth or GDP. See the full report here, and the Atlantic Cities’s synopsis here.