Black Friday Stun Gun Fight at Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia

Just listen. It even sounds painful.

When I woke up on Friday morning, I was pretty happy to see that Philadelphia hadn’t surfaced in any of the Thanksgiving Day Walmart fight reports. Good job, Philadelphia, I thought. But then came Black Friday and this battle at the Franklin Mills Mall. There appears to be a small child in a stroller right next to all of the action, which includes a stun gun, various expletives, and lots of hair pulling.

Franklin Mills management acknowledged the fight on Friday morning via the mall’s Twitter account and posted the following later on Friday:

Franklin Mills general manager John Ahle issued this statement:

Thousands of eager holiday shoppers have visited Franklin Mills over the past 18 hours and enjoyed great Black Friday deals and a festive shopping experience. An isolated incident occurred in the early morning hours between two female shoppers, that was quickly stopped by our security team, and both women were escorted out of the mall. We are committed to the safety of our shoppers, retailers and employees and will not tolerate this unacceptable behavior.

I’ll stick to King of Prussia, thank you very much.