Which One of These Stories Will Do Most to Blight the Sterling Reputation of Philly Police?

The detective connected with homicide cases? Or the mother who punched a teen?

Which one of these stories will do more to hurt the reputation of the Philadelphia Police Department?

• “POLICE Crime Scene Unit investigators returned yesterday to the gritty North Philly gully where a human jawbone was found last week – and this time, they discovered a possible grave. … The possible grave was empty. The source said the slate was camouflaged by some of the weeds and trees that wrap around the plot of land, situated behind a ballfield at 4th and Westmoreland streets, that cops have been canvassing for several weeks as part of an ever-growing investigation into disgraced ex-homicide detective Ronald Dove.” [David Gambacorta/Daily News]


• “WHEN OFFICER Tamika Gross was accused of brawling with a civilian while on duty in 2009, the department disciplined her but allowed her to keep her job. But Gross, 35, has kept on fighting, according to Internal Affairs documents, and now she is under investigation for allegedly bringing her suspended daughter back to school to fight a younger classmate last month and allegedly punching the 14-year-old rival in the face when her daughter began to lose.” [Stephanie Farr/Daily News]

Believe it or not: The correct answer is No. 2. In that case—if true, of course—the department already knew it had a problem officer  in Tamika Gross and … kept her around. As far as we know, Ronald Dove hadn’t previously been identified as an accessory to murder. Neither case is great, but in one them the police had apparent forewarning. And still did nothing.