SEPTA Still Hopeful for Transportation Funding Bill

Even though it hasn't passed yet.

CBS Philly reports: “‘SEPTA general manager Joe Casey today said he’s disappointed the transportation bill failed last night (see related story), and he says without that money you’ll see a slow dismantling of the SEPTA system: ‘It’s not immediately, but it’s a gradual reduction of service and dismantling the rail system as we know it — regional rails, trolley lines — it’s all the critical infrastructure, and that’s what we need the money for.’”

Former Gov. Ed Rendell is angry that some Democrats ended up turning against the transportation bill for what he believes are political reasons.

Transportation funding was one of Rendell’s biggest initiatives and biggest frustrations during his eight years as governor.  Now he’s pointing the finger at House Democrats, saying they want to deny Republican governor Tom Corbett a win and are wrongly concerned about GOP provisions regarding prevailing wage restrictions for government-funded projects.

“I think it’s a little of both,” Rendell told KYW Newsradio this morning.   “But I think in the end it’s that they’re wusses and they’re afraid of going against part of organized labor.  But the laborers’ union was there, the electricians’ union was there supporting this bill.  The building trades -– Pat Gillespie was there.  I mean, it’s a disgraceful performance by our Democrats.”