The Joe Frazier Statue Is Alive Again!

A new sculptor has been found.

The Joe Frazier Statue is Dead! Long Live the Joe Frazier Statue! Plans to erect a statue for the late Philly boxer were put on hold in August when the project’s sculptor died. Never fear, a new sculptor is here. And he knows just the thing to say to get us on his side.

[Stephen] Layne is set to get started on the 9-foot statue he based off a photo of Frazier’s knockdown of Ali.

“He just threw that Philly left hook and knocked Ali down,” Layne said Thursday. “That’s the moment I thought was quintessential Joe. It was the big deal of his career. The moment. So that’s what I captured for this piece.”

It’s been a good (posthuous) year for Frazier, whose North Philadelphia home/gym was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in April. [AP]