John Bolaris Is Back!

Weatherguru announces new projects that will keep him in Philly.


Spurred on by some cryptic tweets, I recently spoke with John Bolaris, who’s got some good news for fans of predictable weather forecasts and unpredictable behavior: After a brief flirtation with New York, he’s committed to staying in Philadelphia full time, where his young daughter lives. Here’s why.

For the first time since his infamous flameout, JoBo says he’s found gainful meteorological employment. One, he says he’s starting his own weather forecasting company. He can’t tell me the name, because he doesn’t want anyone stealing it before he trademarks it, but says the company’s in good shape. “I want to be a weather source for people,” he says. “I could make it a lot easier—so you don’t always need to look at your phone and icons and try to decipher when you see a lightening bolt and severe warning.” It’s unclear through what medium he would reach his audience, but he insists he’s committed to “connecting very heavily with people” one way or another.

Number two, he’s getting ready to join a more established (also “weather-related”) firm located in the Philadelphia suburbs. It’s a global company, he’s “excited” about it, but doesn’t want to say more for fear of jinxing the gig.

Finally — and most intriguingly — he’s pitching a television show he wants to take national. It would be a “Discovery-type thing” that is also, of course, weather-related. He’s still in the writing stages, but “people love the concept.” As far as local news? He never gives up hope.

Whatever the future brings John Bolaris, he says this much is clear: “I’ve had enough trading stocks. That’s been keeping me afloat.”