ThinkFest Snapshot: Mark Headd

The Open Data Revolution: How It's Transforming Philadelphia

We’re rounding up the reasons Philly Mag readers should not miss ThinkFest, our week-long event connecting the brightest minds and most innovative ideas in Philadelphia. 

mark-headd-400Data and technology have been, and remain, crucial parts of Philadelphia government. As the city’s chief data officer, there are few as informed and educated on this topic as Mark Headd, who will be taking part in a panel discussion with Michelle Lee of Textizen, Michelle Schmitt of Maneto Mapping and Analysis, and Christopher Wink of Technically Philly entitled, “The Open Data Revolution: How It’s Transforming Philadelphia.”

Headd, a self-proclaimed “tinkerer,” has been interested in how things work since he was young, cars being one area of interest. He was always under the hood and enjoyed the process — and the Philadelphia city government “has a really large hood.”

Not only has Headd been able to work in a field he loves, but he works in a city he loves. “It’s great to work in Philadelphia, because it’s the kind of city where you can have a big impact. It’s not like New York where everything you do can get drowned out by all the noise.”

Headd says attendees can look forward to a discussion that  will cover “data, and how it can be made more available.” It’s one of 17 idea-speaking sessions during ThinkFest’s Main Event, on Saturday, November 9th, at The Kimmel Center.

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