Mayor Nutter is Wowing Them in London

Philly's chief woos CEOs from abroad.

The Inquirer’s Chris Hepp sure makes it sound like Mayor Michael Nutter is doing a good job of wooing international businesses this week while he’s in London.

“We are a service company,” he said of his administration. “My responsibility is to bring value and return on investment for my 1.5 million shareholders.”

His audience was about 60 business executives attending a British government-sponsored workshop on doing business in the United States. From the intense applause, it was clear Nutter had not been speaking to his City Council.

“Very inspirational,” was the reaction of Ben Brocklesby, sales director for Origin Frames Ltd., a manufacturer of aluminum doors and window frames. “He is clearly passionate and insightful when it comes to his city.”

Nutter also pointed out Philly’s proximity to New York as a drawing point for international businesses. He’ll move on to Tel Aviv soon to conclude his eight-day trade mission.