Yes, Philadelphia, Your Cell Phone Service Sucks

The worst among America's 10 biggest cities.

Here’s the bad news Philadelphia: A new study suggests that cell service here is the worst among America’s 10 biggest cities.


Here’s the better news: If you’re not a Sprint customer, it’s probably not so bad. See the chart at left

Quartz reports:

Philadelphia would be chugging along nicely at average LTE download speeds of 6.51 Mbps if it weren’t for Sprint, whose dismal 2.43 Mbps download speed drags the average down to 5.49 Mbps, the worst among the 10 biggest cities in the US. T-Mobile’s speeds in San Jose are nine times faster than Sprint in Philadelphia. Sprint’s speeds were the worst in nine out of the 10 cities surveyed. T-Mobile’s were the best in six.