Project Runway Gets Another Philly Winner

Moore College of Art & Design grad Dom Streater takes home the top prize for her "Retro Redux" collection.


Philadelphia has conquered Project Runway once more, this time with 24-year-old Dom Streater of the Moore College of Art & Design taking the winner’s spot for the show’s 12th season. Philly’s last winning contestant was Jay McCarroll, who took the top prize back in the show’s first season.

Streater beat out fellow finalists Alexandria von Bromssen, Justin LeBlanc, and Bradon McDonald for his prize, estimated at more than $500,000 in value, including some $150,000 in cash, a Lexus, and a year’s supply of bottled water (just what everyone needs!).

For Streater, though, this is a huge personal victory:

“It’s a huge deal for me. I’m poor. I mean I’m working two jobs, people,” said Streater, who before “Runway” hadn’t been able to find a job in fashion design and was taking care of animals by day and hostessing at night while continuing to design on the side.

Streater, who stood out on the show both for her designs and her demeanor — in a workroom full of high-strung Type A’s she never seemed to lose her temper or her smile — exuded an almost childlike enthusiasm for most of Thursday night’s finale.

Her “Retro Redux” collection garnered her Project Runway’s top prize, an assortment of outfits she described as the “future as it was viewed by artists and writers, pre-1960s.” []