Is Chris Christie in Favor of the Dream Act?

Maybe he doesn't want to be president, after all.

Chris Christie is getting increasing attention for a remark made over the weekend, saying he would support the so-called “Dream Act” that provides a path to citizenship—either through education or military service—for children of undocumented immigrants.

“I think any child that we save from the misery of a failed education and a miserable future because of it is an obligation that we have and a great gift that we’ve given to that child,” Christie said during the keynote speech at the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey’s gala. “I simply can’t sit by and allow us to see children fail in school in the 20th century and leave them without hope that their lives will be great.”

The Republican base isn’t known for liking these efforts. Is Christie going to run for president against the grain? Or is this a sign he’s not going to run at all? [Huffington Post]