Feds Eye Philly “Mob Wife”

Alicia DiMichele says she's a cautionary tale.

The Daily News reports that federal prosecutors are taking a look at Alicia DiMichele—she’s had cameras following her around for an installment of VH1’s Mob Wives—to see if her burgeoning stardom can help pay fines surrounding her convicted husband’s case.

William Bender reports: “Prosecutors in Brooklyn are asking a judge to have DiMichele’s financial status reevaluated to determine whether she has the cash to pay a fine as part of her punishment for helping her husband, Edward “Tall Guy” Garofalo Jr., embezzle union funds from a trucking company they ran.”

DiMichele’s attorney, though, says prosecutors have it all wrong: “It’s not a glorification of mob life. It’s actually how a housewife, a mother of three kids from South Jersey, had her life almost completely destroyed by her husband’s association with an organized-crime family,” the attorney said. “It’s more of a cautionary tale, of ‘Watch out, this can happen to you.’ It’s only under those conditions that she agreed to do the show.”