POLL: Gay Marriage Support Rising Among Conservatives

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The Pew Research Center just released new findings that show U.S. conservatives slowly coming around on the idea of same-sex marriage. There is even starting to be an increase in support among religious types. Funny enough, though, that support starts to wane among those under 18. Here are some of the major results:

  • Three-in-ten Republicans (29%) and political conservatives (30%) say they support same-sex marriage, compared with 12 years ago, when 21% of Republicans and 18% of conservatives expressed this view.
  • About a quarter (23%) of white evangelical Protestants now say they favor same-sex marriage, compared with 13% in 2001.
  • Adults under age 30 who say they are Republican or lean Republican are much more supportive of same-sex marriage (54%) than Republicans 65 and older (18%).
  • At the same time, younger Republicans are much less supportive of same-sex marriage than those in the 18-29 age bracket who are Democrats or lean Democratic (54% vs. 76%).

See more on the report here.