Where to Buy the Best Seafood in Philly

From Feast of the Seven Fishes to Friday Fish fries, Philly is a seasonal seafood city. Here, we've asked our panel of fish experts where to score the best sea creatures whatever season you find yourself in.

Photo by Jason Varney.


The Lobster House

Cape May | 906 Schellengers Landing Road
Commercial fishing boats pull right up to the dock to drop off plump day-boat scallops (as well as many other just-caught critters) for The Lobster House, which is open year-round.

Randall’s Seafood

Pleasantville | 301 Ansley Boulevard
Littleneck clams that are just hours out of the water are available at Randall’s Seafood in Pleasantville.

Anastasi Seafood

South Philly | 1101 S. 9th Street
Anastasi Seafood built a rep on an impressive fresh crab selection, but also have many wild whole fish and fillets. Bonus: Signs always indicate where the fish is from.

Hill’s Seafood

Multiple locations | www.HillsQualitySeafood.com
A distributor with local retail stores and a promise to never freeze its fish. Go for the striped bass fillet or other fresh fish and shellfish.

Samuels and Son

South Philly | 3400 S. Lawrence Street
Samuels and Son is where the best restaurants get their swimmers, like this whole branzino. They also sell directly to the public from their high-tech building.


Multiple locations | www.HMart.com
Hard-to-find cuts like this salmon belly, which is great for sushi.


Online | www.OtolithOnline.com
This local company provides sustainable seafood (like this black cod) through its buying club, which has many pickup spots around the region. otolith-online.com

Assi Plaza

North Wales | 1222 Welsh Road
Assi Plaza has a large selection of fresh seafood, including sashimi-grade shrimp, live lobsters, and some not-so-common varieties of fresh fish.