Comcast: Watch TV on Twitter Please

Kabletown doing experiments with social media.

Comcast/NBCUniversal/Kabletown is debuting a new feature this November that will allow Twitter users to watch shows directly from their feeds.

Basically, when a show like The Voice posts a Tweet about an upcoming episode, there will also be a “See It” link where Twitter users can view the show. They also have the option to record it or set a reminder. It’s the same theory as the Facebook ‘like’ button.

Non-Comcast subscribers will be eligible to watch shows from channels such as USA, Bravo, E!, NBC and NBC Sports Network; Comcast subscribers get unspecified perks. NBCUniversal has also begun a partnership with Amplify, Twitter’s new tool for promoting sponsored videos, which as the Atlantic noted earlier this week, signals just how serious the social network is about monetizing web-based television content. [PBJ]