Girl at the End of the Bar: Tracy Buchholz

Meet the 34-year-old former party promoter who now works at the Support Center for Child Advocates.

Tracy sips a Root cocktail at The Dolphin Tavern. Photo by Ian Watson.

What are your interests?
I love any sport: snowboarding, rock climbing, tennis, bike riding. I’m also a complete music freak. I love making mixes for friends, and getting introduced to new music.

Anything good you’ve heard recently that you’d recommend?
MS MR, Pacific Air, Miami Horror, Hudson and Wildcat! Wildcat!. I’ll send you a link to my Fall Playlist on Spotify.

Cool. So what kind of woman are you attracted to?
An intelligent, independent, confident woman who can still be a goofball. Or a lady friend who can be a foodie out and about in Philly with me.

Smokers, and girls who don’t know when to stop partying.

Complete this phrase: Sex on the first date … 
Can happen when the attraction and chemistry is intense. That said, it has never led to a lasting relationship for me.

Tell me about one of your best dates.
There was this girl I really liked who I convinced to go away with me on a weekend trip to Rehoboth. We got to be silly, playing games on the boardwalk, eating great food and trying tasty drinks. We really got to know each other on a deeper and intimate level. By the end of the weekend , she was my girlfriend for the next four years.

Celebrity crush?
Kaya Scodelario from the U.K. version of Skins

What would surprise people about you?
I stutter when I get nervous.

What makes you nervous?
Being on a first date with a really cute, quick-witted girl who I already feel giddy about, and want to have second date.

Which is most important: good listener, great kisser or big romantic?
Kissing is something that you can teach, and if you’re a good listener, then you should already be romantic. Let’s say listener.

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