Questlove Teams Up With…Bloomberg?

Does that make his less cool? More cool?

Not-so-dearly-departing mayor Mike Bloomberg unveiled something called the “Made in NY Media Center,” which will be housed in Brooklyn. It’s sort of hard to figure out exactly what it is or what it does, but…Questlove’s involved!

“The new incubator—housed in a 104-year-old building originally constructed as a coffee factory—also has its own high-profile artist in residence—Questlove, best known as drummer for the Roots, the in-house band of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Wearing a black blazer adorned with his trademark heart, the artist assured attendees that the center would ’embrace forward-thinking, like minded artists” in various disciplines—film, art, music new media, games, storytelling,’ and incorporate them into the digital space.”

Just to make us feel nice here in Philly, maybe he could do a ribbon cutting for, like, an app from Mayor Nutter’s Office of New Urban Mechanics or something?