Princeton Now Using Red Solo Cups to Solve Weird Meningitis Problem

Solo cups: not just an emblem of everything that’s wrong with 21st century collegiate life. Also: a leading cause of meningitis, apparently. As we’ve noted before, Princeton has a bizarre meningitis problem. And Princeton thinks it has to do with sharing drinks. So the school has devised a solution in which it’ll make available 5,000 red Solo-looking cups that all say: “MINE. NOT YOURS.” (Photo here.) Hate to break it to you, O Tiger Faithful, but if every single one of those cups says exactly the same thing, that’s about as useful as having students all drink from identical red cups. Which they’re doing in the first place. What you need is to dip into the old war chest and print out 5,000 individually labeled cups. You know, collective action to further the cause of freedom and safety in the world. Something to make Woodrow Wilson proud. [Times of Trenton]