Apple Releases iOS 7 Today in Effort to Keep Blowing Your Mind

You will not get a new iPhone or iPad today, but it’s possible you’ll get the new iOS 7 operating system that makes it feel like you’re getting a new iPhone or iPad. My friends at Macworld (full disclosure: I’m a contributor there) review the new iOS. Dan Moren says the new system distills Apple’s mobile operating system down to its essence:

I’ve spent a decent amount of time with iOS 7 since its debut earlier this year. I like it. There. I said it. I’m pro-iOS 7. To me, the new interface looks sleek and clean and modern. It smacks of purpose-driven design. Whenever I returned to my iOS 6 reference devices, the interface seemed funny and cartoonish—the same way I think the early Aqua stylings of OS X would look from the vantage point of Mountain Lion. The world has moved on, and a smartphone OS today doesn’t need to do the same thing that it did six years ago when the market was still brand new.

In my opinion, there’s a lot to love about iOS 7, even with its rough edges. As third-party apps start to be built around its new capabilities and embrace its new design, I think there will be even more to recommend it to users. But for now, it’s clear which way the wind is blowing, and even if you hold off upgrading to iOS 7 today (or this week), its arrival on your iOS devices is inevitable.

So, kick back and relax. Pump some jams from iTunes Radio, fiddle around with Control Center, browse through your photos and relive some memories. Because iOS 7’s greatest triumph is making the familiar feel a little unfamiliar to us, affording us anew that joy of discovery and wonder—and you rarely get a chance to experience something again for the first time.

Macworld also has a Frequently Asked Questions video about iOS 7, an overview of the system’s new features, and advice on how to install the new software on your iPhone and iPad.