Even Ed Rendell Doesn’t Think Hillary Is Running for President

As Joel Mathis said last week, perhaps it’s time to let the dream go, Hillary supporters:

“I’m not as convinced as much as everybody else that Hillary’s running,” he said. Rendell said the former Secretary of State, unlike most former elected officials, has the stature to have a real impact on public policy the next 10 years out of office if she wants to.

“Everyone around her wants her to run, of course,” he said. If she runs and wins, he said, she makes history, but subjects herself to “10 years of withering stress.” Tough call.

Tough, indeed. Especially considering Clinton faces levels of support for her (non)candidacy rarely seen in politics. Ready for Hillary, a pro-Clinton super PAC, for example, has roughly 850,000 members and raised $1.2 million in July. So, of course, the potential is very much there.

But with one of Clinton’s staunchest supporters ready to throw in the towel for a 2016 run, it might be time to take the hint. Better luck next time, guys. [Newsworks]