SMIZE QUEEN: Philly’s Cory Hindorff Wins First Challenge

Alexander Kacala recaps the latest season of America's Next Top Model, starring Philly's own Cory Wade Hindorff.

This week on the Tyra Banks School for Young Drag Queens, the 12 models were given a role-reversal challenge to see how well they could walk in the shoes of the opposite sex. With our main lady boy Cory in the mix, we knew he would teach his competitors a thing or two about what it takes to twerk it in lashes and heels. 

DRAMA: After winning last week’s main challenge, Jourdan returned to the house with a Narcissus-sized complex. Unable to look away from her photo, she started pushing everyone away with her cocky attitude. Shit hit the fan when she took so much time on the phone with her whiny boyfriend that other people lost their call-home privileges. Everyone started in on her, but it was Renee who pulled the “Bitch please” and stormed in guns blazing. “I will slap the stupid out off you bitch” she remarked.

MINI CHALLENGE: The models were asked to become fashion correspondents on the streets of L.A. — all while blogging gurus Bryan Boy and Perez Hilton dictated commands in their ears. When Perez told Marvin to do some pretty  nasty things, the kid from the Bronx refused, saying, “If I have to bash someone to become famous, I’d rather not be famous.” To the joy of gay men everywhere, Jeffrey (pictured, above) obliged when Perez told him to take off his pants and shirt, which helped him wind up as the victor of this challenge.

MAIN CHALLENGE: The models were paired into teams and asked to act like star crossed-dressing couples in a fragrance commercial. It was amusing to watch the boys in wigs and dresses. All eyes were on team Phil and Jiana who have been creating fireworks despite Phil’s having a girlfriend at home. Their kiss was sensual, unlike Starving Marvin’s full on tongue attack of Renee’s face. Cory, who has years of experience doing drag at local shows like Mimi Imfurst’s Dollhouse Revue, was dressed as a badass bitch of a business woman. He rocked that momma up one side of the sidewalk and down the other.

TOPS: Kanani played a convincing jock and Chris H. served up enough drag queen to impress even the most rigid of Drag Race judges, but it was our very own Cory Hindorff (pictured, above) who clip-clopped away from panel with the top prize.

BOTTOMS: Alex and Jiana both failed to impress the judges with their male alter egos, landing them in the bottom. Despite Jiana being a fan favorite in the past, her social media score was one of the lowest for this week but Alex ended up getting the boot.

CORY WATCH: Cory nailed the the fashion correspondence challenge, scoring a 9 out of 10 with the judges. And he was not only able to let his androgynous side shine in the drag competition, but his stellar acting chops as well. While they didn’t talk too much about his past as Philly drag queen Serena Star, they did mention it and showed some photos to boot.

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