Barkley: Philly Is An “Eagles Town”

Charles Barkley went on the WIP Morning Show today and gave his assessment of the Philly sporting scene.

I was telling somebody the other night, no matter how much success the Phillies have, the Flyers, or the 76ers, Philadelphia is still, in my opinion—in my opinion, an Eagles town. I’ve always known that—I’ve been here since 1984 and this is a Philadelphia Eagles town, no matter how much success any of those other teams have had, people just love the Eagles. Sports is better when the Eagles do well.

Chuck also critiqued Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr., saying: “I can’t pay you when you’re 36, 37, 38 because you’re just a good, solid players. You’e not worth that type of money, you’re killing my salary cap. Listen, people just get older. You know what I always said about basketball, when everybody try to tell me the Knicks were gonna to be good, I said, ‘They old! Old people don’t get healthy, they die!’”