AC’s Taj Mahal on Verge of Opening Strip Club

As we told you in July—and as has been in the works since 2011, at least—Atlantic City’s Trump Taj Mahal is going to open a strip club next month, in hope that naked women will lure back all the gamblers who don’t come to town anymore. AP reports on the impending opening:

“We feel this is the third leg of the Atlantic City triangle: gambling, alcohol and adult entertainment,” said Bob Gans, the club’s managing partner. “It’s a natural.”

Gans is investing $25 million in the newest Scores, which will open Sept. 12 with five private VIP rooms, 11 stripper poles and an ultra-VIP room for celebrities and high-rollers.

Gans is confident Scores will succeed, even in a city with four other strip clubs, including one with all-nude dancers.

“There are 30 million people who come to Atlantic City every year,” he said. “You have the safety of a hotel casino, and we have the right brand and the know-how to do something that hasn’t been done before. We can be the Pied Piper here.”

And why not? There’s nothing like mixing the soul-killing adrenaline-fueled exhaustion and sadness that accompanies both gamblers and strippers at 3 a.m. Atlantic City’s about to become a 24-hour Paul Thomas Anderson movie. Those always end well, right?